October 15th, 2008


Читаю сейчас книжку 'Negotiations in advantage" Ричарда Шелла.

Уже почти дочитал, книжка отличная. Сейчас зашел разговор о важности налаживания социальных связей, вспомнилось:
In china, the ceremonial aspects of networking are somewhat less formal but networks are just as important. The Chinese even have a special name for networks: guanxi (pronounced "gwang-chi"). As one prominent Asian business publication put it, "Connections are a factor life in Asian business. With the right guanxi, doors open and deals get done. Without it, the simplest deals can disintegrate." Guanxi has its strongest connotations with respect to family affiliations. But it expands outward from that core to encompass any and all relationships that have at their source a commitment to reciprocal benefits and obligations. ... Guanxi is so important to Asian business that a magazine called International Business Asia publishes an annual directory it calls its "Guanxi List". This list features the people in Asia with the most influental nbetworks of personal connections. "While [everyone in the list] possesses business acumen in their own right," the magazine notes, "a constant in their success has been access to the best business and political circles."

Вообщем, по нашему "связи". 

Подробнее про Guanxi есть здесь: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guanxi

А еще много здесь: http://chinese-school.netfirms.com/guanxi.html