Rauf Aliev (rauf) wrote,
Rauf Aliev

Дочь выросла: улетела одна…

Дочь выросла: улетела одна на месяц в UK. Сначала Bucksmore (Plumpton College, http://www.bucksmore.com/locations/plumpton-college/), потом спортивный лагерь PGL (http://www.pgl.co.uk/pglweb).

P.S. Прилетела первая весточка:

"Hello, mam!

All is OK! Now I am living alone in small room. It's very pretty - one big bed, one table, one chair, three very big windows, one cupboard, one умывальник and one shelf. Today we must sleep and play. What will be tomorrow? I don't know. Near school big garden. It's very beuty! How are you?

Your LIZA"

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